Pressure Washing With Water Recovery At A Construction Site

A construction company working on a new hospital south of Denver needed pressure washing with water recovery to remove the dirt from a parking lot.


Water Recovery Includes Preventing Dirty Runoff Getting Into The Storm Sewer

The dirt had washed onto the parking lot during the heavy rains that had caused so much flooding around Colorado. And while the job wasn’t that unique, it was part of an increasing trend.

Construction sites have always had to deal with runoff from rains causing the surrounding dirt to get washed away. And over the last few years, they’ve done a much better job of containing the dirt.


Pressure Washing With Water Recovery At A Construction Site

It’ s part of a growing awareness that you can’t just let everything run down the gutter. Because when that much dirt runs into the storm sewer, it can clog everything up. And eventually it has to be cleaned out. Now steps are being taken to prevent the runoff entering the storm sewer in the first place.

In years past, construction companies would often use a fire hose or their water truck to flood the parking lot and wash all the dirt down the storm drains. But now, they’re more aware of the problems it can cause and the potential six figure fines they can receive.

They called our pressure washing company because we have the water recovery equipment to handle this large volume of dirt and water. Very few companies are equipped to deal with a job this size.

And large companies – whether they’re in construction or some other industry – are more aware of the potential liabilities they face for hiring a pressure washing company that doesn’t do water recovery the right way. The EPA tends to fine everyone involved for not following the rules.

So if you have a large construction pressure washing with water recovery job, call a company with the equipment and experience to do it right.


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