Pressure Washing The Inside Of A Car Wash – Video

After washing thousands of cars, the walls of a car wash usually need more than just pressure washing to get them clean.

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Pressure Washing The Inside Of A Car Wash

You might think all that sprayed water would keep things clean but it doesn’t. The dirty water from the cars gets splattered and sticks to the walls. If it’s left for a few years it can really build up.

This car wash was in Castle Rock, Colorado, a few miles south of Denver. Some locations, like this one, have hard water that makes things even worse. You get the same deposits you get around sinks and tubs in your house. If you’ve tried to remove them, you know how difficult that can be. Magnify that across an entire wall and you see how tough it can be get the inside of a car wash clean!

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having the right equipment makes all the difference

Some of the pressure washing was done from a ladder and some of it was done from scaffolding. Some of it required special suits. Having all the right equipment and knowing how to use it is an important part of working efficiently.

This particular car wash had two different surfaces – bare concrete block and painted concrete block. And it took two different materials to get them clean. Knowing which material to use – and how to use it – is the difference between getting it clean and getting nothing done.

If you have a special cleaning job, save yourself a lot of frustration and call a pressure washing company with the experience to do the job right – the first time.

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