Pressure Washing Apartment Building Breezeways – Video

A property management company we do a lot of work for needed pressure washing to clean some breezeways.

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Pressure Washing Apartment Building Breezeways On 3-story Buildings

It was a large apartment complex with many three-story buildings. A lot of suburban complexes are designed like this since anything over three stories requires elevators in each building – which raises the price considerably.

The breezeways between the apartments, including the stairwells, walls, and ceilings can get pretty dirty over time. They’re outside and exposed to the weather. But since they’re covered, they don’t get rinsed by the rain.

The cobwebs can buildup, especially where the gnats, millers, and other bugs are attracted to the lights. Not to mention the stains from people dropping food, or oil stains tracked in from the parking garage.

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Dealing With Fire Alarms Is Part Of The Job

You have to know how to deal with the lights and fire alarms or you can cause quite a commotion. And around some apartments, you need to deal with windows and doors that don’t seal very well. You have to control the water flow so it doesn’t go places it shouldn’t.

So every year or two, depending on the location, we send a pressure washing crew to rinse the walls, ceilings, and floors. If it’s a really large complex, we can send more than one crew to get the job done faster.

Pressure washing at apartment complexes is best done from 9am to 4pm when most of the tenants are gone to work. You can’t start too early before people are up and moving. And if you can be gone before they get home in the evening, it saves a lot of hassles.

We recognize that anything we can do to make the job easier on the tenants will make it smoother for the property managers, too. If they get a lot of complaints, you can bet they’ll find another company the next time.

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