Pressure Washing A Grease Trail At A Restaurant

Many restaurants have grease spills that need periodic pressure washing.

Pressure Washing A Grease Trail At A Restaurant 10

Pressure Washing A Grease Trail At A Restaurant

Food grease goes hand in hand with cooking. Since restaurants do so much more cooking than the typical homeowner, they generate far more food grease.

And you can’t dump that much food grease down the drain. Besides potentially clogging the drain, the city wastewater departments in charge of the sanitary sewers don’t allow grease to be dumped into their pipes.

Restaurants that do a lot of frying such as french fries or deep fried foods use a lot of cooking oil. Some food grease goes down the kitchen drains from washing hands and dishes. Almost all restaurants have a grease trap to catch the grease before it gets into the sanitary sewer. These pits catch the food grease and hold it and they must be pumped out occasionally.

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Grease spilled on the way to the grease bin

But most of the food grease is dumped into bins to be recycled. And grease spills on the way to the grease bin are going to happen. Pressure washing with water recovery is the best way to clean these messes.

Recycling companies such as Darling International and Mahoney Environmental collect the grease and convert it into usable products. This might be in the form of food additives for pigs, chickens, cattle, etc, or it could be used to produce bio-diesel.

How it is recycled depends on the market demands at the time. If there is an oversupply of recycled grease, the demand and price are lower and it will be used in different ways than when supplies are low. The market price for recycled food grease is influenced by the price of soy beans, oil and other market forces.

If you have a greasy mess you need cleaned up, call a pressure washing company that knows how to do the job the right way.


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