Graffiti Removal On Brick At A Shopping Center

One of the property managers for a client of ours called us to remove graffiti from the brick at a shopping center.

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Newer brick isn't as soft as older brick

There were numerous tags on the brick walls and metal surfaces on the back of the shopping center. Since the brick on the building was fairly old, we had to be careful not to apply too much pressure. The retaining was was made from newer brick.

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Graffiti removal on soft older brick takes extra care

Old brick is much softer than newer brick and too much pressure will tear huge chunks out of the brick. And the mortar between the bricks is older so it’s easy to blast it loose, too.

Doing graffiti removal the right way doesn’t require a lot of pressure. If you use the correct material properly, it should loosen the graffiti to the point that you can use a low setting on the pressure washer. You need more than a typical garden hose can provide but not enough to worry about damaging the brick.

We were dealing with winter temperatures in Denver and the graffiti removal materials aren’t as effective at lower temperatures. We got out as soon as the weather would allow.

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Retaining wall before graffiti removal

The property manager told us there were a bunch of tags but when we arrived, there were more than 20 tags of different colors. The different dyes used in paint can affect the way the tag comes off. The process varies depending on the surface the different colors are on.

It took a few hours to get all the tags off but we got the job done, despite the winter temperatures. If you need experienced graffiti removal, call a company that know how to get the job done.

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