Construction Cleanup At A Denver Convenience Store

Construction Cleanup At A Convenience Store Needed When Dirt Runs All Over Parking Lot

Construction Cleanup At A Convenience Store 01

Construction Cleanup At A Convenience Store

Not every construction project goes as planned. It’s probably more accurate to say very few construction projects go as close to planned as hoped. Even with the best attention to detail, things still go wrong. The projects that finish well do so because of the people’s response to the unexpected problems of the project.

Our mobile pressure washing and water recovery service was recently a contractor’s response to a construction cleanup problem. His problem wasn’t with the project, but rather with the owner of the property where his project took place. The work his crew did was digging trenches in a gas station parking lot and laying new utility pipe for a city connection to the building. When the contractor contacted us, his project was complete, but the gas station owner wasn’t happy with the way his parking lot looked.

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Construction Dirt Ran Across The Parking Lot

When the trenches were dug, the dirt was piled on the asphalt next to the trenches. The contractor did a good construction cleanup job, but because the piles of dirt had sat long enough to be rained on a couple of times before going back into the trench, there was a residue of dirt where it had been piled and where the rain had spread it. When the gas station owner complained about the construction cleanup, the contractor had a street-sweeper do an extra heavy sweep of the lot. When that wasn’t enough, he used one of his small pressure washing machines to try to clean up the residue, but his machine wasn’t strong enough.

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We Had Two Crews Out The Next Day To Get The Job Done Quickly

That’s when he decided to call Wash On Wheels to get a professional construction cleanup and parking lot cleaning. By calling us he also found out about the regulations on wash water run-off not being allowed to reach a storm drain. He was fortunate his pressure washing machine wasn’t strong enough for the job.  Washing a gas station parking lot on a busy street in Denver and not recovering the waste water could have cost him a big fine.

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Water Recovery Was An Important Part Of This Job

We had two crews out the next day to get the parking lot cleaned up. Because of the busy street, we set up two recovery units – one as a back-up for the other – to insure that no wash water made it to the storm drain. Both crews ran two pressure washing machines to get the construction cleanup done as quickly as possible without a major impact on the gas station’s business.

Our commercial machines were strong enough to get the job done quickly. More importantly, our recovery equipment kept us and our client in compliance with EPA regulations. When we finished pressure washing the parking lot, the gas station owner was very happy with the results and the contractor was able to close the book on his project.

Call us if you need a big project done in a short time – and want it done the right way.





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