Colorado Boat Washing Season Arrives – Video

Our annual boat washing service at Chatfield Reservoir starts the first week of October.

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All boats have to be out of the water by the end of October

All of the boats have to be out of the water by the end of this month. We do the boat cleaning right at the marina as they pull their boats out of the water. This saves our client’s time and their boats are clean before they go into storage for the winter.

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We wash boats right at the marina

We’re the only company allowed to wash at the marina because we have procedures that are environmentally safe. We get a special permit from the Colorado State Parks Department.

We also have boats that are dropped off at our shop to be washed. This is easier for some of our clients because they can drop the boat off and pick it up whenever it fits their schedule.

Boat cleaning is a multi-step process. The first step is to use a pressure washer to get as much of the algae off as possible. A commercial pressure washer with at least 3000psi will do a much better job than one with lower pressure.

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Drop if off dirty

Then you apply the material to loosen the remaining algae. Using a pump up sprayer or a tank with a compressor makes the process faster.

Some spots along the water line might not come completely off, depending on where the boat has been. We have an extra step we can use to remove the remaining stains if necessary.

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Pick it up clean

Boat cleaning is a dirty job and can take hours. You have to get under the boat to get the bottom clean. Wearing a wet suit and a mask to keep the material off your face is a good idea.

This video is just a short demonstration of boat washing to show what it takes to do the job. Having the right equipment and materials – and knowing how to use them correctly – makes it easier to do a better job with less time and effort.

If you need your boat cleaned or detailed, give us a call at 303-937-7181 or email us at

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