Cleaning Concrete Splatters From Cement Mixer Trucks – Video

A few weeks ago, ASI Constructors called us to clean concrete splatters from four cement mixer trucks.

Pressure Washing Cement Trucks 03

Cleaning cement mixers at our shop

ASI Constructors is a national firm based on Pueblo that specializes in the construction and repair of dams, spillways, and other major water projects.

We told them it would take some time to get all four trucks clean so they had their drivers drop them off at our shop on their way back from picking them up in Missouri.

Besides needing a good truck washing, there were some concrete splatters they wanted us to clean off. Cleaning concrete and cement splatters from cars and trucks without damaging the underlying surface can be a challenge.

Pressure Washing Cement Trucks 05

Using a turbo-tip to get the heavy concrete splatters off

Since cement is so hard, it takes a strong material to loosen it up. And using a material this strong on a painted surface must be done properly to prevent removing all the surrounding paint. It’s not the kind of job you should try to do yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We had to climb up on the trucks to get the splatters on top of the cabs. We even used a turbo-tip on some of the larger buildups.

When the cement buildup is this heavy, it can take two or three cleanings to remove it all. The labor and materials needed for each application adds up, so we emailed pictures so our client could decide how much they wanted done.

If you need concrete or cement removal, call a professional pressure washing company that knows what they’re doing.

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