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Pressure Washing An RV Roof

 Pressure washing an RV to remove the dirt of winter can be a project!

We’re getting closer to spring!  Colorado still has to get through the month of March, but very soon Coloradoans will be replacing their long-johns and snow boots with shorts and hiking boots.  Some people love winter activities, but many of us sort of hibernate through the winter weather.  Whether winter weather gets you outdoors or makes you retreat to the indoors, spring brings on a whole new set of activities that even the laziest person can take pleasure in.

Pressure washing and scrubbing an RV roof
Pressure washing and scrubbing an RV roof

One favorite pastime of Coloradoans and travelers from all over the country is camping.  Many people ‘rough it’ in tents, but a whole lot of people enjoy the outdoors with a RV as their base camp.  Many of these RV’s have been sitting in storage for many months and most of them have been exposed to the elements.

Wash On Wheels pressure washing service does a lot of RV’s in the spring when adventurers are preparing for a summer of exploration.  Most of these RV’s only need pressure washing with a normal soap, brush and rinse.

Pressure Washing An RV Roof
Pressure Washing An RV Roof

However, there’s always a few that require some special attention.  If a RV has been stored outdoors, there’s a good chance that it will have a lot of dark lines running down the sides from the roof or under windows.

These lines are caused by dirty snowmelt following the same path down the sides of the RV every time the snow melts.  Usually if the RV is very new, the sides are still polished enough to let the dirt run all the way off the vehicle.  However, the older the RV is and the more exposure to sun the RV gets, the more oxidation there is on the sides.  This oxidation tends to hold the dirt and keep it from running off the vehicle, creating dark lines.

The process for pressure washing these lines can vary depending on just how bad the oxidation is.  Sometimes we just use a stronger soap and hand mitts, but sometimes the only way to get the lines out is to buff them with special compounds.  The difference in price can be dramatic.

If you have an RV, pressure washing it often is best, including cleaning the roof off.  Also plan on having the RV buffed and waxed occasionally to protect your investment.

Wash On Wheels can provide anything from basic pressure washing to an intensive interior and exterior detail on your RV to keep it shining like new.


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