Boat Cleaning – Do You Really Want To Do It Yourself?


Boat cleaning is one of those dirty jobs that is not as easy as it looks.

Boat cleaning at our shop in Denver

Boat cleaning at our shop in Denver

You tell yourself you can save the money and just take it to the car wash, right?

The first thing you find out is that your boat cleaning takes more than just water – or car wash soap. You’ll need the correct material to get all that algae and slime off. There are many different cleaners available and you can waste a lot of time and money finding the right one for your situation.

Sometimes it takes more than one type of cleaner to get everything off. Even the lakes and reservoirs across town can have different water flows and different algae growth. In the Denver area, boats that come out of Cherry Creek Reservoir rarely come clean with the same material used at Chatfield Reservoir.

Once you find the correct material, you need a way to get it on your boat. Materials have to be mixed the correct way, then sprayed onto the underside of the boat. If you don’t know the correct procedure, you’ll waste time and material and your boat won’t be as clean as you hoped.

Boat cleaning at our shop in Denver 02

Boat cleaning at our shop in Denver

Plan on getting soaked with water – and all the slime that was on the bottom of your boat. You have to get underneath the boat to get it clean.

And that car wash you’re thinking of taking your boat to? The typical car wash has about 700-800 psi so they don’t blow decals and pinstripes off the cars. A professional grade pressure washer will have 3-4 times as much power, around 3000 psi. It makes the job easier and cleans much better.

Having the correct equipment and experience to do your boat cleaning job right is important. Calling a professional pressure washing company with years of boat washing experience can save you from a big hassle.

After all, you bought the boat to have fun, didn’t you? Or were you looking for another dirty weekend project?



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